The Mission of Two Rivers Community School is to cultivate in every student:

Passion for learning and high achievement through creating rigorous, interdisciplinary learning experiences on topics relevant to the students that culminate in original work aimed at engaging and positively impacting themselves, the community and the world.

We do this by creating opportunities for our students to participate in:

  1. A rigorous interdisciplinary curriculum leveraging community resources and partnerships

  2. Building global awareness through second language acquisition.

  3. Building authentic and respectful relationships within the school and throughout the community.


It was a pleasure working for and with you and we are so happy to see your new school grow and offer our community a free public charter school here in Glenwood Springs. It is remarkable to see the traction that you have had within our community by offering students the ability to make a difference through your approach to learning. The difference in your school simply put is the people. The Two Rivers School Board is a special collection of people that dedicated themselves to a whatever it takes mentality and would not accept no as an answer. I did not cross paths with many of the volunteers and/or parents but did see that when they showed, they came in droves. In our business we are constantly put in a position to manage many factors in order to effectively execute our projects. Once we were able to understand your needs and communicate with your board we were able to collectively work towards a common goal of getting a lot of work done in a short amount of time. This project, much like your school board was anything other than typical. Although we had smoothly transitioned from the costing and acceptance phase and onto the procurement and execution phase your team was making our job easy by putting in long hours with the architect and each other to effectively manage issues, risk, quality and even time. This saved us as the GC a tremendous burden and steadily worked towards the common goal of opening the school in a matter of weeks. Through passion, long relentless hours and a pursuit of a clear vision partnered with our team at D.M. Neuman Construction Company we were able to get the school open on time and on budget. We worked hard for you and your team and would do it again given the opportunity.

Respectfully, Jason M. Neuman | President | Certified Green Professional

D.M. Neuman Construction Company