Meeting CSI’s Authorization Requirements

In October 2013, due to the shift away from Expeditionary Learning (EL) the Curriculum Design Team (a team of professional educators from our Leadership Team, the community and an individual consultant that has extensive experience with the essential design features of the EL model, Project-Based Learning model, and Placed-based Learning.) came together to update our educational program and supporting documentation in order to meet CSI’s authorization requirements.

Those updated founding documents are provide below, along with the original March 2013 founding application. These documents also reflect our new name change.

Leadership Team and Founding Members

To create Two Rivers Community School, a core group of people (the Leadership Team and Founding Members) came together regularly over about three years, holding numerous meetings, sending thousands of emails, and writing many hundreds of pages of documents to meet the requirements put forth by the Colorado Charter School Institute ( in order to secure school authorization. It started with a great dream that later became the school’s guiding vision and mission. Here we acknowledge those self-less individuals who worked so incredibly hard for so long to offer the families in our community a choice in education for their children. Thank you! • Abby Hollenbaugh • Nancy Metrovich • Rachel Connor • Sarah Thornal• Rebecca Ruland • Stacy Brlecic • Adriana Ayala-Hire • Manette Anderson• Rick Blauvelt • John Gorman • Sonya Hemmen • David Cramer • Jenifer Seal Cramer