TRCS Salary Policy

Two Rivers Community School has a strong commitment to paying salaries commensurate with the funding models that charter schools in the State of Colorado follow. We strive to maintain salaries and benefits in the range of 50-65% of our budgeted, general operating revenues. In addition, significant amounts of money are allocated to professional development, health insurance, and retirement benefits annually. Compensation increases are determined annually by the Board of Directors.

Approved 2022-2023 Salary Schedule

Equitable Compensation

Two Rivers Community School is committed to compensating its employees equitably and in a manner that reflects the requirements and responsibilities of their positions and are comparable to the pay received by similarly situated employees in other organizations in the area, as determined by the Board.

Compensation for every position will be determined by several factors, which may include but not necessarily require job analysis and evaluation, the essential duties and responsibilities of the job, and salary survey data on pay practices of other employers. The school shall periodically review its salary administration program and restructure it as necessary. Annual adjustments to Two Rivers Community School compensation will be based solely on merit.