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Vision Statement
The Vision of Two Rivers Community School is to be an exemplary K-8 school founded upon the belief in Academic Rigor, Authentic Relationships, and Curricular Relevancy.
The Mission of Two Rivers Community School is to cultivate in every student:

1. Passion for learning and high achievement through creating rigorous, interdisciplinary learning experiences on topics relevant to the students that culminate in original work aimed at engaging and positively impacting the community and the world.

2. Deep, supportive relationships among staff, students, families, and the community through the small school setting, multi-age classes, a two-year teacher commitment, and high parental involvement.

3. Respect for and interest in human diversity through second language acquisition and cross-cultural studies that build a broader world perspective and essential collaboration skills to become leaders in our changing world.
Place-Based Learning Combined with Project-Based Learning
After years of hard work and perseverance, Two Rivers Community School welcomed students through its doors in the fall 2014. Two Rivers Community School (TRCS) is a public charter school authorized by the Colorado Charter School Institute (CSI). The school was founded by a group of community members, parents, and teachers who recognize the need for an innovative school of choice in Glenwood Springs, Colorado. TRCS offers K-8 education in a small school environment that provides students with the skills needed to enter secondary school poised for post-secondary education, workplace readiness, success, and a love of learning. Place-based and project-based learning are the centerpiece of our educational model as we aim to bring education to life for our students. In addition, TRCS emphasizes goals specific to engaging family involvement, multicultural understanding, the power of diversity, and a strong Spanish language program. Students enrolled at TRCS will be representative of the diversity of the local community.
Language Learning
An important goal of Two Rivers Community School is to produce students who will eventually be bilingual (Spanish and English,) biliterate, and well-adapted citizens of the world! According to the American Council on the Teaching of Foreign Languages, second language acquisition develops 21st Century learning skills, increases future job opportunities, and prepares students to think and interact in a global economy. Research demonstrates the benefits of learning a language at an early age also include intellectual growth, enhanced mental development, increased flexibility in thinking, greater sensitivity to language, and a better ear for listening. TRCS will strengthen the bridges between the two languages by providing instruction in English literacy for all grade levels and immersing students in Spanish through full lessons taught in Spanish.
Pillars of School Design
Academic Excellence: Colorado Academic Standards are used as the centerpiece for instructional planning and research based curricula assure that students are proficient in math, science, and literacy. Place-based Projects: Community connections and research provide limitless opportunities for student engagement, projects, workshops, field studies, internships, and community initiatives to take place. 21 Century Communication Skills are embedded within this context. A school where community elders and experts will be called upon as resources to enhance student learning. Respectful Climate: Embedded teamwork, multi-age learning opportunities, and leadership development in a climate of respectfulness and inclusivity for both students and their families. Community Connections and Caring: Nurturing students of character through integrated learning and community service experiences that foster civic responsibility through Place-based projects. Wellness Community: Creating a collaborative community that embraces the need for the individual growth and health of mind, body, and spirit through daily movement and an emphasis on physical and outdoor education. Cross Cultural Understandings: Celebrating diversity and multicultural backgrounds. Spanish language instruction offered to all students. Language taught through the lens of culture and academics. Family Support and Partnership: Early childhood programming and family services prioritized to support school readiness and parent involvement.