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Supply Lists- 2019-2020

Two Rivers Community School 2019-2020 School Supplies 

Student Supply List for Makerspace- All Students

Set of 5 fine sharpies

Set of 3 glue sticks


1 roll clear packing tape

1 roll decorative duct tape

One roll scotch tape

Package of Clorox wipes

Set of colored sharpies (Middle school only)

Spanish class supplies: All students (please label Spanish)

4- Dry Erase markers

1- package of filler paper 3-hole punched

10- pencils

1- big Elmer’s glue stick

1-1” inch binder

1- box of facial tissues

1- Clorox wipes

Kinder/1st Grade Supplies 

1 box of pencils

2 pink erasers

1 package of glue sticks (Herrera does not need this)

2 sets of colored pencils

2 24-packs of Crayons

4 Expo dry erase markers

5 different colors of plain 3-prong pocket folders (blue, orange, green, red, yellow) inexpensive

1 pair of Fiskars scissors (Herrera and Mills do not need these)

1 box of Kleenex (Herrera does not need this)

3 containers of disinfecting wipes (Herrera does not need this)

Wish List- box of snack, sandwich, quart, OR gallon size baggies, Myers cleaning spray (Herrera),

Headphones (no earbuds please.  We recommend Buddyears brand), black felt pens (Herrera)

*Backpack should have your child’s name written on it.  No need to put names on other items as they will be community shared!

2nd/3rd Grade Student Supplies

Individual set of headphones (not earbuds)  for computer use  (please label)

2-Boxes of pencils (No designs please, plain yellow pencils)

1- Box of crayons

1- Box of markers

2- Glue sticks

1- Pair of student scissors

1- 12 inch ruler with inches and centimeters

1-pencil box

1- 1” binder for student portfolio

1- set of dividers for binder

1- set of 50 sheet protectors

3- wide-ruled composition or spiral notebooks

2- folders

1- heavyweight 3-prong/clasp folder

6- skinny dry-erase markers

2- containers of disinfectant wipes

I- box of tissue

water bottle- labeled



zip lock bags- quart size  (Boys Bring)

Large Erasers (Boys bring)

paper towels  (Girls Bring)

Wide ruled paper (Girls Bring)

Suggested Item (Optional) Personal Camelbak for hiking

2nd/3rd Grade Teacher Wish List

Colored Cardstock paper

Black sharpies

Colored sharpies

Ziplock bags (Gallon size)

Colored xerox paper (blue or yellow if possible)

4th/5th Grade Supplies 

  • Headphones for computer work (please label)

  • 2 boxes of Ticonderoga® #2 pencils

  • 2 large pink erasers

  • 1 pencil sharpener

  • 1 box of colored pencils

  • 1 box of markers

  • 1 ruler

  • 1 set of highlighters (3-5 different colors)

  • 1 roll of tape

  • 2 glue sticks

  • 1 box of skinny expo markers

  • 3 notebooks (PBL, Math, Literacy)

  • 2 folders

  • 1 black permanent marker for tracing

  • 1 1” binder for student portfolio

  • 1 set of dividers for binder

  • 1 set of 50 sheet protectors

  • 1 pair of headphones to stay at school

  • 1 water bottle- (labeled with name)

  • 1 box of tissues

  • 1 cleaning wipes

Optional (and greatly appreciated!) 

Colored printer paper (all colors!)

Colored Cardstock paper

6th/7th/8th Grade Supplies. Students are encouraged to label their supplies for each class. 

  • 1 box tissues (1st-period class)

  • 1 box cleaning wipes (1st-period class)

  • 1 pack multi-colored dry erase markers (1st-period class)

  • 2 (12 pack) of pencils (for all classes)

  • 2 pink erasers & 1 pencil sharpener (math and other classes)

  • Ruler (math)

  • 4 composition notebooks (one for each class: math, literacy, PBL science & PBL social studies)

  • 1 sturdy folder (math)

  • 1 pack of 50 letter size sheet protectors (split between math, PBL science & PBL social studies)

  • Basic calculator for 6th & 7th graders.  Scientific calculator for 8th graders (math)

  • 2 packages of wide-ruled loose-leaf paper (literacy & PBL social studies)

  • 3 (2-inch) three-ring binders (literacy, PBL science & PBL social studies)

  • Headphones (cheap earbuds are fine) ~ (PBL science & social studies & for i-Ready testing)

  • 3” x 5” Index cards (PBL science)

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